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Are our Shoe Sizes Increasing?

Here at Bigfootshoes, we sell big shoes for men. We specialise in large shoes sizes for men, and since we opened our doors our range has increased to cover large running shoes, large formal shoes and large work boots and walking boots. Our customer base has also increased… but is that because more men with large feet are finding us, or because there are more men with large feet out there? Me thinks a bit of both!

In 2009, a Daily Mail article reported that the average man’s shoe size had gone up a size in the previous five years. Five years later, has the average men’s shoe size increased another size? Perhaps more? We are certainly finding that we are getting more customers looking for shoes in sizes 12, 13, 14… all the way up to 18 or 19! Manufacturers are also noticing a change, and more companies are now producing larger size footwear as a matter of course.

Having larger-than-average feet used to mean a dramatically reduced choice in footwear – you could either have this pair of big men’s shoes, or that pair of big men’s shoes, and that was about it. Nowadays there is a much wider selection, and having larger feet doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of choice. Even manufacturers of women’s shoes are getting in on the game, with the upper limit for women no longer being stuck at a 9 – good news for the likes of Paris Hilton, whose feet are size 11!

There is an interesting theory that both men’s and women’s feet are growing because of a change in our diets over time – we are eating more, and our diets are less healthy. Is childhood obesity causing feet to “pancake” out before the bones of the feet have fully developed? Or is this just evolution, and the entire human race is headed in the big-footed direction? Or perhaps everyone was just wearing really badly fitting shoes until recently? That sounds unlikely, but actually how often have you forced your feet into a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit but look ok, convincing yourself that when you’ve worn them in a little they’ll be fine?

As a general rule, the human race is getting taller and heavier – this is something that has happened generation after generation. It stands to reason then, that our feet would get larger in proportion to the rest of our bodies.

Are our Shoes Sizes getting larger?

Twenty years ago, a person with large feet had a real problem finding shoes to fit. Although we’re not quite at the stage where Robert Wadlow (the tallest man in history) could easily find a pair of size 25 shoes, we’re certainly heading in that direction.

Our list of suppliers is growing all the time, and the sizes and styles available mean we’re constantly updating our website. Feet do seem to be getting bigger, and as with every area of our lives these days, we want a choice. Oversize shoes are no longer a rarity. Just look at the brands we stock: Boxfresh, Base London, Rockport and Hi-Tec to name but a few. Feet are getting larger; the good news is that so are shoes! And boots, and sandals, and trainers, and flip flops…we even do large sized socks!



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