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Different types of soles on men’s shoes

What is a Tunit, TPR, Crepe or EVA sole?

A Tunit Sole is made from synthetic Vulcanised Rubber so very durable and is ideal for shoes that do a lot of walking and as they are less likely to warp or degrade will not distort the shape of the shoe.

Tunit Sole










A TPR Sole is made from Thermoplastic Rubber, again another durable sole but it is also lightweight and designed for high comfort and flexibility.










A Crepe Sole is made from coagulated latex which is rolled into crinkled sheets giving it that distinctive look, it has a natural grip and also gives you bounce in your step and it is also flexible.

Crepe sole










A EVA Sole is a dense foam, which acts very much like a durable shock absorber, but is also very tough. This type of sole was originally used for athletic shoe soles as it is also very light.

EVA Sole









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