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So what if my shoes are too small…

If you’re blessed with big feet, finding big shoes to accommodate them can be tricky. A lot of people end up wearing shoes that are too small, squeezing their feet in and thinking they’ll be fine once the shoe starts to give a little.

This can be really bad news for your feet!

Your feet are like the foundation of your entire body: if the foundation is unsound, then problems will affect not just the feet but the legs, hips and even the back. This is worth bearing in mind, next time you try and squeeze your feet into a pair of ill-fitting shoes, just to save a little time on shopping!

Bunions, corns, ingrown toenails, crossover toes and hammer toes (where your toes curl rather than lying flat) can all be caused by shoes that are too tight. None of those sounds particularly desirable, do they? Although there are some genetic factors associated with bunions, and other factors can cause the other problems too – the main cause of all of these is usually ill-fitting shoes.

So how do you avoid this happening?

  • When trying on a new shoe, make sure your toes don’t feel at all cramped or squashed. No one of your toes should be pushed over another; you should be able to wiggle your toes a little.
  • Bear in mind that there is no such thing as breaking in a new pair of shoes. Your feet might push or stretch your shoe to help make more space – but this is more likely to cause damage and pain to your feet.
  • Take a look at the shoe’s overall construction. It should bend easily at the toe, but not at the arch or heel. In a new pair of shoes, you should not be able to easily squeeze the heel counter (the back of the shoe).
  • Consider the shape of the toe box, and whether it provides adequate space for your toes; not just in its width but also depth. A square or round toe-box may be preferable to pointed. Pointed toes may be fashionable but require more care in selection, particularly if you intend them for everyday use.

The main point is: do not buy a shoe that doesn’t really feel like a good fit. Don’t keep hold of them in the hope that your feet will eventually stretch the fabric enough to fit comfortably! The only result will be tight shoes!

At Big Foot Shoes we do offer a returns service, so if you’ve ordered shoes in the wrong size or style, it’s easy to get a replacement. We’d prefer however that you get the right size first time, and we’re at the end of the phone to advise. We have a wide range of all types of shoes, all designed for larger feet and are happy to help you find the right pair for your feet. So wiggle those toes, put your feet up, and enjoy a browse on our site.( www.bigfootshoes.co.uk ). Better still we welcome you to visit our shop in Datchet, and why not combine it with a trip to the wonderful Windsor Castle nearby)


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