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You might have heard there’s an election on the way. We’ve seen all the electioneering on TV, the hustings events all over the country, the headlines in the paper and leaflets through the door… but there’s one thing we’ve not been looking at. What shoes do these prospective leaders of our great nation wear… and what do they say about them?


David Cameron has now famously switched to wearing a Chelsea boot; what effect will his change to that particular type of footwear have on the rest of us. Other famous wearers of the Chelsea boot include Harry Styles of boyband One Direction, David Beckham and of course, the original wearers of the Chelsea boot, the Beatles. Before his recent switch, he was famed for favouring a black loafer, even when on holidays. But what does it say about Cameron to be sporting such footwear? Is his switch to a Chelsea boot a clever campaigning tactic, trying to look more stylish and appeal to a younger audience? Is the man often known as “Call Me Dave” for his seeming desire to appear hip and cool just trying to take another step towards the youth vote? Does his choice of footwear suggest he wants to be as cool as Beckham or Styles? Or did he just have chilly ankles in those loafers?

anatomic AMAZONAS TAN - big shoes for men

barker JEFFERSON  - big shoes for men


Labour’s Ed Miliband recently sent his assistant to a shoe shop in Salford before an event to pick up two pairs of plain black loafers for him. Though plain and black, they were two slightly different styles; perhaps Miliband will keep one pair for Sunday best, or perhaps he’s saving them for a special trip to see the Queen in the next week or so. Sensible black lace-ups are certainly something you’d want the leader of the country to be wearing; something that says they mean business. And to be honest, we really couldn’t imagine Ed wearing something at the height of men’s fashion on his feet – he’s just not that sort of bloke, is he! Sensible, reliable, possibly a tiny bit boring – that’s our Edpod BRISTOL  - big shoes for menAnd so,onto our ex-Deputy PM, Nick Clegg. A couple of Summers ago, when we actually had some hot weather, Clegg famously took his shoes off and padded about the office barefoot. It caused quite a stir in the media at the time, but our main concern is that he might end up with a staple sticking into his toe! The Liberal Democrat leader’s famously exotic wife is often to be seen in brightly coloured tights and shoes – but Mr Clegg himself is generally seen in plain black loafers – though usually only one pair at a time, as far as we can make out. Perhaps his lack of footwear in hot temperatures tells us something about him though… does he have sweaty feet? Is he paranoid about getting athlete’s foot? Or is he just sensible enough to know that if he takes his shoes and socks off, he’ll cool down a bit? Maybe consider some breezy sandals Nick…ecco OFFROAD YUCATAN SANDAL  - big shoes for men

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